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In this paragraph we describe how cU works and how important your contribution ist. If you’re already familiar with the concept of cU, just jump to the contact section below, fill in the info required and transmit. You’ll get access to our upload page and your passwords within a short time.

About the Project

Inspired by the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Blauschimmel Atelier’s inclusive music ensemble BlueScreen, lead by Jochen Fried, developed an unique and interactive art project. By simply registering on this website we welcome you to participate. After you’ve received access to the upload section of this site, your contribution will become an integral source of inspiration for us to improvise sound and music upon. Your contribution may be a piece of audio, video or an image that you produced our found. These improvisations in turn will be recorded and streamed live online.


After the recording is finished it will be tweaked and edited in the studio for additional sound design and eventually mixed for release. Simultaneously a visual accompaniment will be produced which will be exhibited in our virtual gallery


Besides we are working on our website to make it more interactive for you! You will be able to take a peek at intermediate recordings and are as always invited to continue working with these.


If you have ideas on how to improve this platform for artistic encounters? Please leave us a message! We are looking forward to it! Thank you ever so much!


About the Project

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1. Before you start please read and agree to our Terms & Conditions (see below).


2. You’d like to inspire us with a great piece of audio you found and recorded while walking down the road? Stun us with a very arty image you shot while riding through the woods? Take our breath away with a piece of video shot while cycling through a fascinating landscape? Show us a very special piece of instrument playing you performed just recently? Then you shouldn’t wait any longer and share your contribution with us.


3. We handle and process almost any file format with few limitations. Your file may not exceed 1GB of memory. For video please note that we prefer material in Full HD but not larger than 2,5K, but you may choose any picture ratio format of your liking (non-anamorphic would be great, thanks!). We won’t work with animated GIFs.


4. Your contribution will become part of a collection as it might be processed and mixed with that of other artists contributing material. Your contribution may be looped or be edited or otherwise processed to make it work for us to improvise on it. Yet we guarantee you, you’d still recognize your contibution. We welcome you to be as curious as we are! Be in for a surprise!




By transmitting my personal information I agree to the following terms and conditions for taking part in the project »corona UNITED«.


1. I allow my personal information being processed for the project »corona UNITED« only. Blauschimmel-Atelier e.V. guarantees all data being confidentially used and processed and not be made available to third party organisations outside Blauschimmel-Atelier e.V. and its associates working on the project »corona UNITED«.


2. All audio and/or audiovisual and/or visual material I provide as of my own making and does not violate any rights of third parties. I guarantee all material has been produced, recorded or otherwise processed by myself. I understand that I’m being made liable for copyright infringements or claims made by third parties concerned with the material provided by me.


3. Blauschimmel-Ateiler e.V. and its associates may use, alter, edit, mix and reproduce the material provided by me within the context of the »corona UNITED« project. I may be used, altered, edited, mixed and pasted with material provided by other participants in context with the beforementioned project (see 2). I allow the resulting material to be broadcasted by transmission services and made available online through various streaming and download services.


4. Blauschimmel Atelier e.V. guarantees that all material provided, delivered and sent by me won’t be used and/or made available for commercial purposes of any kind. Therefore I relinquish any monetary claims of inifinite duration.


5. I understand that by infringement or violation of these terms and conditions, any material provided and sent by me will be excluded from the project »corona UNITED« and deleted. Blauschimmel-Ateiler e.V. cannot be made liable for any violation of third party rights.

Material which may be considered »racist« and or/ in any other shape or form discriminating will be erased and we reserve from filing a complaint.


6. I’d like to be credited for my contribution to the project by name or pseudonym (please leave the input box empty if you do not wish to be credited by pseudonym).

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